Consciousness of Organics

Our name, Avalon Organics®, is the hallmark of our active commitment to organic agriculture whose practices attain the highest ideal of sustainability. By intentionally using a minimum of 70% certified organic botanicals and oils in our products, we promote organic acreage cultivation.

Our decision to use certified organic herbs, plant oils, and essential oils has two-fold reasoning behind it. The first reason, always, is to choose ingredients that are gentle, safe, effective and pleasing to your senses. The second is to choose ingredients that will help encourage the growth of organic agriculture. Our ingredients fall into two main classes: organic herbal extracts and organic plant oils. All of our organic ingredients are certified and comply with the standards set by the National Organic Program (NOP) and we also support organic research and education.

Organic Herbal Extracts: We use an assortment of certified organic herbal extracts to impart therapeutic benefits to our products. Some of our herb, flower and fruit extracts include: Calendula, Chamomile, Ginkgo, Green Tea, Lavender, Lemon Peel, Peppermint, Rosemary and Wild Yam.

Organic Plant Oils: Organic plant oils add fragrance, richness and depth to our products. They also require organic acreage cultivation, which supports organic farmers and efforts of sustainability. We use organic plant oils such as Sunflower, Babassu, Flaxseed and Coconut. We also use other organic agricultural ingredients such as certified organic cocoa butter.